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24 permutation above all

If we look closely at the previous result produce by any of these 4D legal operator such as Magnum 4D, Sportstoto 4D and DaMaCai 1+3D , the most frequent number in term of it permutation are 24 permutation, normally called i24. In my previous post, I've mention about the distribution of these number according to its own permutation group. This group are the most frequent one but its prize payment are the smallest.
Below is the prize structure of ibox game which I've taken from MAGNUM 4D Corp:
(in magnum the ibox game called mBOX, m=magnum)
i/mBox 24 (24 Permutations)
Small Forecast
1st. Prize RM 146.00
2nd. Prize RM 84.00
3rd. Prize RM 42.00
i/mBox 24 (24 Permutations)
Big Forecast
1st. Prize RM 105.00
2nd. Prize RM 42.00
3rd. Prize RM 21.00
Special Prize x 10 RM 9.00
Consolation Prize x 10 RM 3.00
For who want to know about Big or Small forecast: here i would like to explain. Small Forecast mean your number ONLY win at top prize only. Example: if you buy number 1234 and put only on SMALL forecast, you CANNOT claim prize if 1234 win at special or consolation prize. BUT if you buy 1234 for BIG and SMALL forecast, you can claim the prize, if 1234 being chosen as one of winning number. It would be better buy only BIG Forecast. These 3 main 4D legal operator (sportstoto 4D, DaMACai 1+3D and Magnum 4D), have the same amount of prize structure for any betting forecast. It doesn't matter which counter or operator you choose, the condition of the game still the same, and YOU as someone who bet still depend either on your LUCKY PICK strategies or your SELF ANALYSIS strength! the choice is yours!